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Hey Boys, Let me guess, you are scrolling on the Internet to find out the DO’s of men dressing style. Well, your search has now come to the right place. Everyone has an interest in personal grooming and why not? Well, a person never grew up with the perfect insight of how should you dress to look smart and even though one can find a ton of information online sometimes it confuses and overwhelms more than it helps.

But guess what? I was also of those who was a fashion less person. And when I decided to step up from hoodies and graphic tees to something more presentable, my dressing sense was beyond fashion.
But despite all those early failures, I kept trying. I tried a lot of terrible fashion tips before I found the pieces that actually worked, but eventually, I developed a much better dress sense. You can also do it. And with some perfect guidance, you can be a quick learner. Let me share the 20 Rules Every Beginner Should Follow.

These are the guiding rules for Men Dressing Style.

Men Dressing Style
Rule #1: Start From Scratch, Say goodbye to your current favorite wardrobe.

Rule #2: Forget everything you think you know

Rule #3: Focus on the basics

Rule #4: Re-Build a solid wardrobe foundation, collect versatile wardrobe staples suiting items like white shirts, dark blue jeans, and grey sweaters.

Rule #5: Keep it Simple

Rule #6: Fit Comes First

Rule #7: Trim Your Wardrobe, Also prune your wardrobe periodically

Rule #8: Expand Your Options

Rule #9: Layer Up: Layering will help you create more interesting outfits

Rule #10: Forget the Trends, Develop Your Style First

Rule #11: Look Effortless, Not Botherless

Rule #12: Try New Things

Rule #13: Learn to Love Colors

Rule #14: Wear Colors Sparingly

Rule #15: Laugh Off the Jabs from your friends

Rule #16: Be Open to Feedback

Rule #17: Be Honest With Yourself

Rule #18: Accept That it Will Take a While

Rule #19: Accept That You Will Make Mistakes

Rule #20: Know That You’ll Get There Eventually

Change never comes from reading; it comes with taking action. And all you need to do is to follow these magnificent rules, focus on on the right things.

All the best.

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