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In 1926, Henry Ford displayed AN experimental single-seat heavier-than-air craft that he known as the “sky flivver”.
In 1940, Henry Ford famously predicted:

“Mark my word:  a mix aeroplane and machine is returning. you’ll smile, however it’ll come back.”
The Aerocar designed and engineered by Molt Taylor made a triple-crown flight in December 1949, and in following years versions underwent a series of road and flying tests.

A flying car could be a form of personal air vehicle or roadable craft that has door-to-door transportation by each ground and air. The term “flying car” is additionally generally wont to embrace hovercars.

Many prototypes are designed since the primary years of the 20th century employing a form of flight technologies and a few have true VTOL performance, however no flying automotive has nevertheless reached production standing.

Their look is usually expected by futurologists, with their failure ever to succeed in production resulting in the catch phrase, “Where’s my flying car?”           Flying cars are a preferred theme in fantasy and phantasy stories.


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